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  • Whatever Happened to that Boy?

    • Sunday, February 15, 2015
    • Jonathon Wennstrom

    A long time ago, in a district far,far away...During my first years as an elementary principal, I encountered a child who I often joked was placed there to help me decide if I really wanted be an administrator. He was often sent to my office for being physically and verbally aggressive on the playground and disrupted the classroom on a regular basis. I knew the reputation of this child as the one who had blown his nose on the tie of the previous administrator (something the principal never lived down and often received new ties as gag gifts from our administrative group:). This child would eventually be placed in an Emotionally Impaired classroom setting, but early on, we just dealt with behaviors as best we could with behavior intervention plans, incentives, and positive and negative consequences. Sound familiar?

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  • Unlocking the Reading Code-Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning

    • Wednesday, February 04, 2015
    • Michelle Carter

    I met Trish Martin for the first time at the MEMSPA State Conference in 2013.I was walking the exhibit hall and was drawn to the information displayed at her booth. I started to read the information. Trish then walked up to me and gave me a bit of background on rewiring. I was so impressed! This was exactly what I was looking for to try and reach the bottom 30% of students. Trish suggested I go to her breakout session the next day. Wow! I learned so much in that one hour!

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  • The Kid From The Other Side Of The Tracks

    • Wednesday, December 17, 2014
    • Ben Gilpin

    One of my favorite movies (and stories) around the Holidays is The Polar Express.  I could relate to the young man and his struggles to believe.  It took me back to my youth and some of my internal struggles.  I've watched The Polar Express at least a dozen times and read the book probably double that.  Recently I began paying a little closer attention to a separate storyline.  I watched and tried to better understand, the kid from the other side of the tracks.  At first I simply thought he was scared. But after watching I could tell, he was broken.  The boy had lost a lot of hope.    

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