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  • The Kid From The Other Side Of The Tracks

    • Wednesday, December 17, 2014
    • Ben Gilpin

    One of my favorite movies (and stories) around the Holidays is The Polar Express.  I could relate to the young man and his struggles to believe.  It took me back to my youth and some of my internal struggles.  I've watched The Polar Express at least a dozen times and read the book probably double that.  Recently I began paying a little closer attention to a separate storyline.  I watched and tried to better understand, the kid from the other side of the tracks.  At first I simply thought he was scared. But after watching I could tell, he was broken.  The boy had lost a lot of hope.    

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  • Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

    • Wednesday, December 17, 2014
    • Ben Gilpin

    This past week I had the good fortune of listening and learning from one of the greats... @ToddWhitaker.  The title of this post was a quote from the beginning of his keynote.   During Todd's Keynote I heard several quotes that I wanted to tweet, but couldn't get myself to take 10 seconds and stop listening.  I did jot down several quotes, and here they are:   "We give negative people the power to ruin our day." "Great teachers have an intention behind every action they do."

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  • A Boy and his Bike

    • Thursday, November 20, 2014
    • Jonathon Wennstrom

    During our Curriculum Night, I noticed a boy riding his bike near the entry way to the school. Later as the Magic Show was going on in the gym for the students, I noticed him again riding his bike in front of the building, trying to catch a glimpse of the show. This event was for Rosedale families only and I didn't recognize this boy. I went outside and in my stern principal voice (yes, I do have one:) I told him that this was a school event and that bikes needed to be walked, not ridden when near the school entrance. I got a blank stare from the child and he walked his bike away from the school. I then walked back into the night's event feeling pleased with myself for doing my principal duty on this potential ruffian.

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