What We Do

Principals face many challenges in leading for the 21st century. Transformations in school systems and communities in the U.S. and around the world have greatly expanded the leadership role of principals. MEMSPA and NAESP advocate for the support principals need to be successful 21st century leaders—to achieve the highest results for children, families, and communities.


Legislative Updates

April 25, 2014
April 17, 2014

March 28, 2014
March 24, 2014
March 7, 2014

February 28, 2014
February 21, 2014
February 14, 2014
February 7, 2014


January 31, 2014
Evaluation Hearings, Balanced Budget Amendment, Governor's Budget Recommendations
January 24, 2014
Evaluation Hearings, Tasers, Balanced Budget Amendment
January 17, 2014
State of the State, Pension Changes, Assessment of Assessments, NAESP Politics & Policy
January 10, 2014
3rd Grade Retention, Early Intervention, School Report Cards, EEA, Merit Curriculum, Legislative News


December 20, 2013
OK-2-SAY Passed, $51 Million for Early Childhood
December 13, 2013
Education Legislation on Hold... For Now


November 22, 2013
Legislators at Home, CCSS Assessment Report, Senate Adjourns, NAESP Politics & Policy, MI Politics
November 15, 2013
3rd Grade Retention, Civics Mandates and Emergeny Drills, OK-2-SAY Debate, NAESP Politics & Policy, MDE Deadlines

November 8, 2013
MDE Defends Position, MEMSPA's Legislative Day
November 1, 2013
House on Common Core, Letter Grading and 3rd Grade Retention, Bills of Notes


October 25, 2013 
Common Core, Epi-Pen, NAESP
October 18, 2013
Common Core, Vacant School Buildings, Guns in School, School Safety
October 11, 2013
Common Core Continues, Testimony on Evaluations
October 4, 2013
Common Core Update, House on Epi-Pens


September 27, 2013
Breaking News: Common Core Hearings in the Senate
September 27, 2013
Common Core Passes, House Testimony: Accountability Scorecards
September 20, 2013
Common Core Uncertain, House Explores Epi-Pens, Student Safety Act, More Sequester Cuts
September 6, 2013
Supt. Flanagan Calls For Change in Start Times, Road Funding Uncertain