What We Do

Principals face many challenges in leading for the 21st century. Transformations in school systems and communities in the U.S. and around the world have greatly expanded the leadership role of principals. MEMSPA and NAESP advocate for the support principals need to be successful 21st century leaders—to achieve the highest results for children, families, and communities.


The Main Idea

MEMSPA is pleased to provide The Main Idea as a benefit of menbership.

In addition to recieving ten book summaries per year and the occasional book review, members have full access to The Main Idea archive. For more information about this member benefit or to receive a username and password for viewing, please contact Annette at 517.694.8955 or annette@memspa.org.

What exactly does The Main Idea provide?

The Main Idea creates an 8-page summary of a current education book each month. This summary contains the core ideas of the book, and organizes those ideas with enough accompanying details and examples, so you can have a working knowledge of its content. At the end, The Main Idea includes a full page of suggestions for ways to use the ideas in the book for professional development of your staff.

Mission of The Main Idea

At The Main Idea,  Jen and team believe education can be transformative for students. Currently there is a great deal of information about improving student learning. However, although expert knowledge is available, it is not necessarily in the hands of true practitioners — principals and school leaders.

The Main Idea helps to bridge that gap by providing school leaders with the best current education ideas and practices. Through in-depth 8-page summaries of current education books, and suggestions for implementing those ideas, The Main Idea empowers education leaders with the knowledge and tools to improve student learning.