What We Do

Principals face many challenges in leading for the 21st century. Transformations in school systems and communities in the U.S. and around the world have greatly expanded the leadership role of principals. MEMSPA and NAESP advocate for the support principals need to be successful 21st century leaders—to achieve the highest results for children, families, and communities.



The purpose of the MEMSPA's Legislative Platform is to state publicly MEMSPA's positions on a variety of issues facing education. The platform conveys to legislators, policymakers, the public and the media where MEMSPA stands. The platform guides MEMSPA’s advocacy efforts.

Each item in the platform has been approved by voting representatives in the MEMSPA Representative Assembly.

The level of specificity in the language is by design. The platform is sufficiently precise to state MEMSPA’s position, but it is not so specific that it ties MEMSPA’s hands and prevents MEMSPA from achieving the best result consistent with the platform. Latitude is given to the staff to interpret and apply the statements in the platform. The staff is accountable to the membership and keeps the membership informed about progress in implementing the platform.

The most current version of MEMSPA's legislative platform may be downloaded here.